Terms & Conditions

1. Club’s facilities will be made available only to ICG members visiting the city and not to members who have taken permanent residence in Pune.

2. ICG members should produce membership card along with the authorization from ICG for the use of the Club facilities.

3. ICG member visiting the Club should sign the necessary details in the register placed at the reception of the Club and pay necessary charges, if any.

4. ICG members may avail the facilities for maximum 7 days in a month and 30 days in a year.

5. ICG members are required to pay the room rent in advance for the first night and thereafter clear the bills for the entire period of stay after adjustment of the advance paid, in CASH /DEMAND DRAFT/ CREDIT CARD only.

6. Incase the room (s) is / are not occupied on the date of arrival as confirmed, full day’s rent will be levied as cancellation charges.

7. ICG members are required to abide by the rules and regulation of PYC Hindu Gymkhana, prevailing from time to time.

8. ICG members will be permitted to entertain their guest at the club.

9. ICG members are required to settle all the bills in CASH or CREDITCARD only, for any services availed before leaving PYC HINDU GYMKHANA.VISA and MASTER CARD are accepted.

10. ICG members desiring accommodation in Club should write or contact directly our Front Desk Manager, Room Reservations.

Contact Address:
CTS No. 766, F. P. No.244, Bhandarkar Road,
Pune – 411004,Maharashtra, India
Phone : +91-20-25663006/7/8 .
E-mail : pycgymkhana@vsnl.net,
Website : www.pycgymkhana.com