• Membership in a renowned ideational organization
  • Opportunity to foster relations, build networks, share information and serve the community
  • Become part of a global community with shared interests
  • Use facilities of affiliated clubs of repute across India
  • Participate/ attend regular seminars, workshops, community and social events, and other programmes organized by the ICG
  • Use facilities such as rooms, conference halls, banquet halls, lawns, swimming pool, gym, etc. at a special member’s tariff
  • Complimentary use of facilities such as library cum reading room, recreation room and children’s park

Our Members Directory


Membership Admission Fee (INR)* Annual Subscription (INR)*
Honorary Member NA NA
Patron Members 1,00,000 and above NA
Life Member 50,000 NA
Life (Overseas) Member 1,00,000 20,000
Ordinary Member 20,000 5,000
Corporate/ Commercial 2,00,000 20,000
Academic/ Universities/ Statutory Bodies/ Associations 30,000 7,000

* Taxes as applicable

  • The Admission Fee and the Annual Subscription is non refundable and is required to be paid immediately after the approval of the membership.
  • Annual Subscription for Institutional / Ordinary Membership is to be paid at the beginning of the financial year commencing April 1st, and not later than June 30th, of the same year. A late fee of the 10% of existing Subscription Fee shall be levied, if payment is made after June 30th.
  • In case the new Institutional / Ordinary Membership is approved in the last quarter of a given Financial Year, the annual subscription of such members may be waived for that Financial Year.

Membership Terms

1.General Terms

  • The International Centre Goa (ICG) has Individual and Institutional memberships drawn from all over India and abroad. All foreign nationals are eligible for admission as Life (Overseas) Members. Members have to be above 21 years of age.
  • The fees and subscriptions payable by members in various categories are determined by the Board of Trustees of the ICG (Board) from time to time.
  • The Board shall have the power to restrict the number of members of any or all classes of membership and may close the membership of the ICG whenever the Board shall deem necessary.
  • All Membership applications will cost Rs. 500/- each.
  • The Ordinary and Institutional Membership shall be cancelled if the annual subscription is not paid for three consecutive years.

2. Applying for Membership

  • All applications for Membership shall be made by filling the appropriate prescribed form in original.
  • All applications for individual membership should be duly proposed and seconded by two Individual Members of the ICG (other than for an Overseas Membership), who have been members for 5 years, by specifying the reasons for proposing/ seconding the applicant.
  • Applications shall be considered by the Membership Admission Committee (Committee) appointed by the Board of the ICG. The Committee shall meet at its own discretion for reviewing the applications for membership.
  • The applicant shall furnish such proof of eligibility for membership as may be required by the Board/ Committee at its sole discretion.
  • The Committee shall recommend its decision to accept or reject the application to the Board. Acceptance of Membership shall be at the sole discretion of the Board. The decision of the Board shall be final and binding.
  • When an application for membership has been accepted by the Board, the applicant will be so informed.
  • Upon payment of appropriate fee, the name of the members shall be entered into the Register of Members.
  • The applicant can use the facilities at Member’s tariff only after approval of his/ her membership and making the necessary payments.

3.Transfer of Individual Membership

  • Individual Life Membership can be transferred to the Spouse of the member after his/ her demise provided that such membership is sought by the spouse of the deceased member by filling appropriate prescribed form and paying a special fee equal to 25% of the full Individual Life membership fee applicable at the time of applying for such transfer of membership.
  • Individual Ordinary Membership can be transferred to Individual Life Membership provided that such membership is sought in writing and on payment of a special fee equal to 50% of the full Individual Life membership fee applicable at the time of applying for such transfer of membership.

4. Membership Cards

a) Individual Membership

  • Individual Members are allotted membership cards in their name after the approval of their Membership.
  • Member’s spouse can also apply for an additional membership card by applying in the prescribed form and paying requisite nominal fee.

b) Institutional Membership

  • On approval of institutional membership, the institution will be required to nominate four individuals from their organization in the prescribed form for issuing membership cards.
  • The four cardholders can avail of the services and facilities of the ICG including guest-rooms, conference and other facilities as regular members at Member’s tariff. Any employee/ member of the Institution may use the ICG’s facilities for official work of the Institution at Member’s tariff, provided they carry an authorization in writing duly signed by one of the card holders to this effect.
  • The institutions may also recommend employees (other than card holders) or their guests/ clients to avail of ICG’s services and facilities at Member tariff, provided the bill is raised in name of respective institutional member.
  • The member/s are required to return their cards to the ICG upon their retirement or leaving the organization or if their name is replaced by the institution. The institution, then or any other time at its discretion, may nominate fresh member/s in their place and also ask for fresh cards by paying a fee of Rs. 500/- + Service Tax, or such other sum as prescribed by the Board from time to time. Preferably the organization should submit a fresh list of card holders every year at the time of renewal of their membership.

c) Duplicate Membership Cards to Members

  • Members shall inform the ICG in writing of any loss of membership cards.
  • To obtain fresh membership card, a prescribed form has to be filled in and sent to us along with a fee of Rs. 500/-, or such other sum as prescribed by the Board from time to time, for replacement of membership card.