Kitaab: Books in Discussion

The International Centre Goa is pleased to invite its members to submit proposals for Kitaab: Books in Discussion. The book event will be held at ICG.

Terms and conditions:

1. The proposal must come from an ICG member at least one month before the proposed date.
2. The proposed book – which can be a work of fiction or non-fiction – must be published within the last three years.
3. Books in the following languages may be proposed – English, Hindi, Konkani and Marathi.
4. The author need not be an ICG member.
5. The member proposing the book must either herself be the discussant or must arrange for a discussant, who need not be an ICG member.
6. ICG will provide the venue and tea/coffee and cake/biscuits on a complimentary basis for the event.
7. ICG will announce the programme on its website and email to members. However, it will be useful if the member proposing the book discussion and the author also help with publicizing the event.
8. The author may arrange with her publisher for copies of book to be available for sale during the event. ICG will provide space for copies of the book to be displayed/sold at the venue and will only charge a nominal amount based on the number of copies sold.
9. The author must arrange for a complimentary copy of the book for ICG.
10. ICG will not cover travel expenses for the author or discussant.
11. ICG will arrange for the author’s stay in one of its guest rooms for two nights(inclusive of meals), provided she does not reside in Goa.
12. ICG will organize no more than one such event every month.
13. All proposals must be submitted in the prescribed format (please click to download MS Word format file).
14. The International Centre Goa reserves the right to reject proposals based on suitability
of the proposed book, the availability of rooms and/or halls or any other reason.

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