Terms & Conditions

1. ICG members are welcome to use the India Habitat Centre’s facilities, namely:
a.Guest Rooms
b.Restaurants & Bars
c.Fitness Centre (Swimming Pool, Gym & Aerobic Session)
2. ICG Members shall present a Letter of Introduction dated for the Period of visit and authorized by The International Centre Goa before facilities can be provided. ICG Members will also be required to show their valid “Membership Card” with photo identity proof.

3. All ICG Members granted use of facilities at the India Habitat Centre must settle all the outstanding Charges and accounts before leaving the India Habitat Centre. The India Habitat Centre will ensure that all bills are properly prepared and submitted to the visiting ICG member on departure. ICG will be in no way liable for any unpaid bills left by the ICG member at the India Habitat Centre.

4. The length of stay per year by ICG Members will be determined by the Rules and Regulations of India Habitat Centre.

5. The India Habitat Centre’s facilities will be made available only to the ICG members visiting the Delhi and not to ICG members who have permanent residence in Delhi.

6. ICG Members may avail the facilities for maximum 7 days in a month and 30days in a year.

7. ICG Member will be responsible for settlement of any accounts not cleared by their guests.

8. ICG Members are required to comply with all Rules and Bye-laws and authorized regulations of the India Habitat Centre.

9. This Agreement does not provide for a ICG Member the enjoyment of any other Reciprocal Centre with which the India Habitat Centre has an Agreement.

10. The India Habitat Centre reserves the right to deny or revoke a visiting ICG Member’s privileges on such grounds it sees fit.

11. The right of admission is reserved by India Habitat Centre.

Contact Address:
Lodhi Road
New Delhi – 110 003
Telephone:(+11) 24682001—24682005
Fax:(+11) 24682010
E-mail: info@indiahabitat.org
Website: www.indiahabitat.org